What’s your name?


Do you give advice?

Yes of course!

Will you promote me?

It depends on the mood I am in, but most probably yes.

Do you promo for promo?

As long as you are following me.

Where do you live? 


Does that mean you are german?

No, I am american.

How many followers do you have?

x,xxx Ask me off anon and I will tell you, I don’t mind (:

Check out my blog?

Of course, but doesn’t mean I will follow.

Why did you unfollow me?

You were inactive for more than 3 weeks, you were rude to your followers, you don’t post the same stuff anymore, you posted porn…

Will you vote for me?

Of course, just submit me the link.

I track the tag “youdonthavetobeastar”, so if you want me to reblog something or get my attention just tag a  post with it (: